Voltaire set the stage for popular writers to assume their own expertise based on how obnoxious one could be. But it is less known that many wrote responses to him in his own day. This is an archive of those responses.

Bergier, M. (Nicolas-Sylvestre)

Chaudon, L. M. (Louis Mayeul)

DeLuc, Jacques-François,

Findlay, Robert

Gahan, William

Guénée, Antoine

Haller, Albrecht von

Holding, James Patrick
(Fl. 21st Century)

La Croix, Etienne de. Dessain, J.
(Fl. 18th century)

McIlvaine, Charles Pettit

Mickle, William Julius,

Pascal, Blaise

Roustan, Ant. Jaq. (Antoine Jacques)
(Fl. 18th century)

United States Christian Magazine

Printed by T. and J. Swords.

Viret, Louis
(Fl. 18th century)

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